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Update on Court Procedures in light of COVID-19

Court of Queen’s Bench:

  1.  Bookings: Between March 16 and May 1, 2020, the Court will not be making any non-emergency or non-urgent bookings. 
  2.  Scheduled Bookings: 
    1. All Chambers matters scheduled between March 16 and May 1, 2020 are adjourned sine die (to an uncertain date); 
    2. All Civil Trials not yet commenced are adjourned sine die; 
    3. All civil trials currently in process must be rescheduled in consultation with the trial judge; 
    4. All JDRs, Pre-Trial Conferences, Case Management meetings and Review Officer hearings are cancelled and must be rescheduled. 
  3.  Filing: the Court will accept filing, though only persons required to be present will be allowed access. 
    1. The Court has suspended all filing deadlines except those applicable to the commencement of proceedings, including originating applications. **This means all limitations for filing to commence a matter must still be respected.

Provincial Court 

  1. Cancellations: All civil matters, including trials, chambers applications and pretrial conferences scheduled to be heard before May 22, 2020 are adjourned indefinitely. 
    1. Matters scheduled for after May 22, 2020 remain as scheduled. 
  2. Filing: only time sensitive documents will be filed, which includes limitation-sensitive documents, applications to extend time for service, dispute notes, notices of appeal, or applications of an emergent nature (to be determined by the Court).