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Update on Alberta Court Procedures

For updated information, please visit Alberta Court Procedures – UPDATED

The Court of Queen’s Bench recently gave an update on some important procedures and their response to the COVID-19 situation. The notable highlights include:

  • Master’s Chambers are working towards hearing without notice applications electronically, and moving towards hearing more matters by videoconference.
  • The Court is working on scheduling more JDRs, especially for trials scheduled in the fall to give counsel an opportunity to try and settle in advance, given the current uncertainty as to how those trial dates will be affected.
  • Limitation Periods: the Court confirmed that all deadlines which are within the Court’s discretion to extend via Rule 13.5 are covered by the Amended Master’s Order which currently postpones deadlines to May 31. All other deadlines outside of the Court’s control (ie. Rule 4.33) counsel need to look at the guiding enactment to see if it is caught by the statues listed under the Ministerial Order postponing deadlines to June 1.
    • Of particular note, the Rules of Court are a regulation pursuant to the Judicature Act, which is covered by the Ministerial Order.
  • An announcement pertaining to currently scheduled trials in June and beyond is expected in the near future.