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Sharing the Blame: Joint and Several Liability

By: Debra G. Woodske, Partner
Hayley C. Tarnasky, Associate

I.     Introduction
II.    Joint Tortfeasors
III.   Several, Concurrent Tortfeasors
IV.   Several Liability
V.    Joint Liability
VI.   Claims for Contribution or Indemnity
VII.  Settlement
VIII. Conclusion

I.    Introduction
A person may be injured by the shared act of two or more joint tortfeasors or by the independent acts of several, concurrent tortfeasors. Read More

From the Bench: No Reduction for CPP Disability Benefits on an SEF 44 Claim

This Supreme Court decision involves the interpretation of the Nova Scotia SEF 44 Endorsement, an excess insurance policy, and whether or not Canada Pension Disability Benefits are deductible from the calculation of damages.
Sabean v. Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company [2017] SCC 7
Case Facts:
The Appellant, Andrew Sabean, was injured in a Read More

New Guide to Litigation in Canada

CBM Lawyers and the other members of Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC) have teamed up to produce a Guide to Litigation in Canada. The guide offers an introduction to the key steps to progressing a claim in each Canadian province. The guide will serve as a handy resource for anyone new to Read More