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CBM Lawyers is always interested in hearing from lawyers and administrative staff who believe they can make a positive contribution to our clients and the firm. 

Working at CBM Lawyers

What is it like working at our firm? Here is a brief overview of some of the values that have helped us achieve our success:

Modern: Despite our 60 year history, we are always looking to the future. We have created a dynamic, inclusive and energetic organization. Our lawyers’ retreat provides us with an opportunity to assess our business, plan for the years ahead while enhancing ability to work successfully together while having a whole lot of fun. 

Forward thinking: Ingrained in our culture is the understanding that our long-term success is not measured by hours and billing statistics. Our success comes from client loyalty achieved by always working with our clients to achieve creative and early resolutions of the claims. We are proud to have acted for one leading insurer for over 50 years and others for more than 40 years.

Collegial: Most law firms tend to think of themselves as collegial. At CBM, this concept is applied well beyond the sharing of ideas or discussions about challenging legal issues. Our lawyers do not work in silos protecting their client relationships. There is a firm-wide ethos that the lawyer best qualified to work on a file is the lawyer who will do the work, regardless of which lawyer brought in the file.

Progressive: CBM has built a work environment and culture that reflects modern working life and this approach has helped us attract and retain many highly qualified and successful lawyers.   

Community Minded: CBM is committed to community service. We are also committed to pro bono work and our lawyers volunteer with the Civil Claims Duty Counsel project at the Provincial Court of Alberta. 



While our needs vary from time to time, we are always interested in hearing from good people. If you are a qualified lawyer with an interest in joining our team, please forward your resume to Damian Shepherd or Sean Myskiw.


CBM Lawyers will be hiring a student for the 2022/2023 articling year. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please forward your application to Damian Shepherd dshepherd@cbmllp.com and Sean Myskiw smyskiw@cbmllp.com after May 14, 2021.

Only those granted interviews will be contacted.


We do not have any immediate openings at this time. However, we are always interested in hearing from good people. If you are an experienced legal assistant with an interest in joining our team, please forward your resume to Janette McKenzie.