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Corinne Petersen Appointed Bencher of Law Society

CBM Lawyers is very pleased to announce that our partner, Corinne Petersen, has been appointed as a Bencher to the Law Society of Alberta.

As many of you know, our Law Society is a self-governing body with a mandate to administer and manage the legal profession in the public interest. The Law Society is governed by a Board of Directors, individually referred to as Benchers, who are elected by their peers within the legal community. We recognize to be appointed as a Bencher is a tremendous honour. It signifies the elected lawyer has the confidence and respect of their fellows to represent their interests locally and nationally as well as the highest ethics to uphold the legal profession. Benchers are volunteers with the organization and responsible for the governance of its members and adjudication of any complaints against a member.

Corinne embodies the qualities of an excellent Bencher. Her years of experience as a practicing lawyer and as a member of various Law Society Committees and non-profit groups have instilled in her the necessary skills and knowledge to continue to serve our profession admirably in this new role. We are incredibly proud of Corinne’s achievement. During her tenure as Bencher, Corinne will continue her practice in insurance defence litigation at CBM.

Congratulations, Corinne!